Do IF devs really listen to their players ?

I bought IF very recently but by visiting the Features forum I could see that the most importants requests of the players (Taxiway Light, A380 / 747 rework, realistic lighting and a lot of others) exist for several years and in 2019, little has changed !

RFS (Realistic Flight Simulator) already has all that IF does not have while it is only in beta. It’s shame to see that IF game that has a very good community, virtual airline companies… risk be overtaken by Rortos. Because this incredible community and these virtual companies will also be able to exist on RFS.

If you are a player, please try to talk about the improvements you want on social medias so that the devs finally realize what we want for the future of IF.

And if you are a devlopper, send this to your hierarchy and try to improve the game to make IF better

Thank you so much !

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Of course they listen! It’s only a matter of time before all these get added :) They held a Q&A on their Instagram stories and they really listened to our concerns.

We just have to be patient.


It takes a lot of time for some of these features to be developed. They currently have three aircraft in development.

See this:

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Not quite sure what your reference point for this is, but I’m fairly certain that’s objectively untrue.

You may have noticed that there are feature requests for everything people can possibly think of.

Time and resources are finite. Just because every last feature request can’t be implemented in a day doesn’t mean improvements aren’t happening.


I was just about to reply with a long comment but @Tim_B is already writing as well. I’m sure there’ll be nothing to add to it.

One thing I’d like to say though: They already added a couple of features that were requested on the IFC. After all, it’s their game. They allow us to give inputs and that’s already something.

Oh boy. Here we go again.

Basically, the features category is not democracy, as in, most votes does not mean it wins a place in the game. The reason being is the same reason America doesn’t have presidential elections based on popular vote. The majority woul always get what they want, and the minority would be left unsatisfied.

The minority got two amazing planes recently (the TBM for GA lovers and the A-10 Rework for military lovers). We already have a plethora of airliners that work great, so we had to give those who don’t always fly airliners a chance to have their own aircraft. Now, the majority got something they wanted with the light A330 rework.

So, the developers and staff members have reasons for withholding features that the majority wants.

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It is almost clear they answer and support their users requests. Take the new soft A330 rework for example. On the forum it spiked up in votes so the devs decided before they push an anticipated update to give the A330 some love. They didn’t have plans to even implement any soft rework for 19.1 it was the community that made it happen.

Yes they listen but things take time. Do you want the detail the current CRJ7 has or the pre global CRJ2?

Why compare to Rortos? Yes, they do have 3D models, and some different aircraft, but, it is all very very very low quality.

If Infinite Flight does everything that Rorto’s already has, the Infinite Flight version will be soo much more high quality, and more interactive, with better physics and functionality.

Also remember that we have one of the biggest communities for mobile aviation games. We have a huge multiplayer system, virtual airlines, you name it! We have global, (which no other mobile simulator can offer), which is a huge deal!

For Rortos, you would need a very good iPad or phone to run it smoothly. FDS cares about their customers, and makes sure that the game runs smoothly on older devices as well.

I also want you to remember that FDS is a small team, so they cannot do every single thing we ask right away.

Those are just my 2 cents.


You have to realize your on a mobile platform. Meaning there are barriers to what can be made and what can’t. An Ipad pro 2019 is gonna have significantly more processing power then say an 2014 device. IF tries its hardest to include what would be considered outdated tech to be compatible with their builds. That alone says they care about customer perspective. Pretty much all are gonna say the same thing. That it all takes time and resouces both human and technical.


Infinite Flight listens to the community and reads what folks say. They’re aware.

Take the MD11/DC10. This aircraft was voted on by the community back in December 2016 and was subsequently added.

The CRJ was in the same boat. The community voted back in May 2017 for the next aircraft they’d like to see and the CRJ was favored.

We have a #features category where you can view trending feature requests and contribute in the discussion. Upon reading the next trust level, you’ll be able to vote for the feature you want the most.

Additionally, as crowded as the features category may be, we ask that you continue to express your ideas and perhaps it’ll be added into the app in an app update.