Do I use “clear of all runways” when I have to cross a runway after exiting my landing runway?

I landed on a runway and had to cross another runway at an airport with unicom and I was wondering if I should use “clear of all runways before or after I cross the runway?
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Only send that message once you are clear of all runways. Therefore, only send it after you have crossed all necessary runways.


No because you aren’t clear of all runways you have to cross also this should be in #atc


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In my opinion yes, especially with traffic on final to assure them that their runway is vacated.

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I use Unicom once I’m clear of any runway regardless if I have to cross. Let’s take KSFO’s runway layout for example. Say I land runway 28R. I exit the runway and announce im clear of all runways because I’m not on any runway at the airport and announce that I’m crossing 28L. Once off the runway I crossed, I again announce clear of all runways since I am off all the runways at the airport.

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MaxSez: Think about it before you jot @NathanD. Self Explanatory Unicom Declarative Comm operation. “Clear of All Rways”! Means Your off the active and may proceed to parking. On the Unicom menu you use “Crossing Rway #” to depart the active via a parallel then “Clear,”. Got it? Don’t Got it PM me let’s not waste bod space on this one with running dialog. G’day, Max

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If you are for example landing on 24R at KLAX I would:

  1. Land and exit, once I have crossed the hold short line at the exit of 24R I’d announce “clear of all runways”
  2. I’d then say “holding short 24L”, then I’d check to see if anyone was landing or taking off
  3. I’d then say, “crossing runway 24L” when it was clear
  4. Once I have crossed the hold short line at the exit of 24L I’d announce “clear of all runways” again

How does this works in real life? Do the mention the runways number after crossing a runway? Could that be better implementation due to misconception “all runways” term? I know its simpler way to describe any(all) active runways.

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So this is what i do on my unicom freq.
so ill do this step by step.

  1. landed brom brom down the runway
  2. exit the runway,
  3. pass the hold short point and announce “blah blah blah blah cessna172-spp clear of all runways”
    If i was crossing a runway do this
    “callsign, crossing runway 07”
    once crossed
    “callsign is clear of ALL runways”.
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