Do I still have a chance to change my name?

I wonder if I still have a chance to ask Mr. Administrator to help me change my name.

Hello, you should send a private message to @moderators to get the process done. :)

Be aware that only you can change the username ONCE. So… be wise.

well,thank you very much

Wait, why do you have to contact administrators to change your username? I just changed mine a few days ago, and all I had to do was go into my User Preferences in IFC.

Very interesting because I just went there and didn’t find it anywhere

Huh. Maybe you can only change it right after you make the account? I know that’s what I did. I made my account, and then changed my username only a few days later.

I will say, I just checked my user preferences, and it won’t let me change it again.

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Everyone has one chance to change their name, but the second time they have to ask the administrator for help.

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