Do I smell an underrated livery? (Part 4)

Welcome to part 4 of my series: Do I Smell an Underrated Livery?

Today’s underrated livery is of a modest, newer Omanian airline based in Muscat, 🇴🇲 called Oman Air . The aircraft today is the widely known Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with a very beautiful livery that I recommend to fly!! Enjoy the pictures!

Info about the Flight

Server: Expert
Plane: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner “Oman Air” Livery
Route: Muscat International Airport (OOMS) 🇴🇲 - Munich International Airport (EDDM) 🇩🇪
Time: 06:40

Oman Air Flight 18 Heavy parked at the gate at Muscat International Airport, being loaded up for a flight to Munich International Airport, Germany. The sunrise really helps this livery in my opinion.

Roaring down runway 26R as we start to approach V1 speed.

After reaching the necessary speed, we slowly pull the nose up, and off we go!!

Currently cruising at FL380 on our way to Munich International Airport. Meanwhile, flight attendents have started passing out snacks and drinks.

It has turned into daytime as we turn towards Munich International Airport. This is probably one of my favorite pictures!

I take that back. I think this one may be my favorite. As the plane passes overhead, a picture is taken from the ground, and I must say, it is a fine picture.

Buttery landing successful. It was a bit late, but we still had plenty of runway by the time we started to turn onto the taxiway. Welcome to Munich, Germany!!

Due to the time zone changes, it is still partially morning. However, we got here early, and this will give our passengers more time to enjoy Munich!

We finally make it to our gate after this long journey, and the passengers start to get off. What a fantatstic flight!!

I sure enjoyed this flight and highly recommend this flight as well as other flights of Oman Air!! As always, please suggest any livery that you believe is underrated, and I may include it into the series! Until next time!!

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If you want to know more about the airline:


Livery looks awesome! We definitely need to start giving the less popular liveries some credit.

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I think this should be Munich. And yes the Oman Air 787 is so underrated! Especially now the Oman air A330 is out.

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My bad. Grammerly you have failed me!


I’m gonna be honest haha: I completely forgot the 788 existed.

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You do smell an underrated livery. The Oman air livery is awesome! Especially on their A330 and 737s.

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@Alex_Kraz You’ll like this idea of « underrated livery » check part 1/2/3 as well ^^ and the upcoming ones if @PolandBall_120 does some !


I have plenty remaining!!! I have 19 liveries remaining and I may add some more!

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damn the 6th one hit different

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looks great,keep working!

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Love the shots! Number 6 looks great what a cool angle 😲

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Thanks @Ben_McCarthy, @Simon_Guo1, and @feitidede for the compliments!

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