Do I smell an underrated livery? (Part 3)

Welcome to part 3 of my series: Do I Smell an Underrated Livery?

Today’s underrated livery is of a small New Zealand-based airline based in Picton, 🇳🇿 called Sounds Air. The aircraft today is the underappreciated Cessna 208 Grand Caravan. Enjoy the pictures!

Info about the Flight

Server: Expert
Plane: Cessna 208 Grand Caravan “Sounds Air” Livery
Route: Wellington International Airport (NZWG) 🇳🇿 - Nelson Airport (NZNS) 🇳🇿
Time: 00:37

Sounds Air Flight 7 parked at Wellington International Airport on North Island, preparing for a routine flight to Nelson Airport, located on South Island across the Cook Strait.

The orange-colored tail as well as the bird look very nice.

Sounds Air Flight 7 taking off of runway 16, headed south to Nelson.

View from 8000 feet while flying over Cook Strait. Halfway there!

After a very windy and shaky descent due to the winds coming from the west known as the “Roaring Fourties,” whose name comes from the latitude at which the wind is located at, we get ready for a bumpy landing.

After making a bumpy touchdown, we taxi to our tiedown at Nelson Airport.

Final view of the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan as the passengers make their way to the terminal.

Also floating wheels :D

I hope you enjoyed today’s underrated livery and flight report! If you have any recommendations for liveries or anything concerning this series, feel free to ask! See you tomorrow in the next mystery underrated livery!!

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If you want to know more about the airline:


Nice shots mate! Sounds Air is such an underrated airline, especially with some of the stunning routes they fly around New Zealand, it would be so cool to get a Sounds Air PC12 in the future :)

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Only problem I had with them was the 25+ knot wind whipping from the west while crossing Cook Strait and on approach. Other than that, I highly recommend their routes and their livery!

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Yes it can get very bumpy, I know from real life experience 😂

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Sniff sniff I smell it

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ngl i never knew it was a bird 💀

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So glad to see this in the IFC! I dont think i’ve ever seen somone fly the Sounds Air Cessna 208. Agreed, Very underated.

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Glad you enjoyed it!

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