Do I smell an underrated livery? (Part 2)

I am back fellas!! So I have found a bunch of other aircraft liveries that I personally think to be underrated or unused, so I will be posting more of these as I go through the list I have made! Up on base today: CEIBA Intercontinental!!

Info about the Flight

Server: Solo
Plane: Boeing 777-200LR “CEIBA Intercontinental” Livery
Route: Malabo Airport or Saint Isabel Airport (FGSL) Equatorial Guinea, - Kotoka International Airport (DGAA) Ghana
Time: 01:20

There is something about the grey (Gray? Grey? Anyways…) livery which I just love! CEIBA Intercontinental Flight 16 parked at Malabo Airport while loading up on some cargo and humans on a short haul flight to Kotoka Airport in Ghana.

After finishing up loading, the triple 7 taxis to the runway.

God I love those colors…

Reached our cruising altitude. Just a short hop over the South Atlantic for this flight!

Coming in for a landing! Lets butter this!!

Not that bad of a landing! Currently slowing down as the runway does stop up ahead.

Finally parked at the gate and currently unloading the passengers and their luggage. It was a nice short hop!

Now that is a fine looking aircraft right there I say.

Which one was your favorite?
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Hope you enjoyed this short presentation and until next time!!


Does flying this in solo count? :)

But of course. You also get a x5 times speed up so it was even better >:)


What country is Cebia from

Hub is in Malabo Airport, Equatorial Guinea. The Boeing 777-200LR is currently operated by White Airways for them.

Gray = American spelling
Grey = English spelling

Nice pics! Liking this series.


Getting those vibes when a plane goes over your head.
Otherwise, Awesome photos. Can’t wait to see which underrated livery is next!

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I use many different spellings, such as spelling theater as theatre and sometimes saying colour instead of color so I get mixed up.

Glad you are enjoying the series! Next up: a little-known livery on an underappreciated propeller aircraft!

Thank you for the compliment!! I hope you enjoy the next one!

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It is a bit difficult. Wiki is saying that the two Boeing 777-200LR are no longer in possession of CEIBA Intercontinental, but rather, one is being operated by White Airways, a charter airline. I believe the other one is being used by the Equatorial Guinea Government.

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