Do I smell an underrated livery? (Part 1)

I wanted to check out some liveries on the cargo planes that we have in the game and found this gem of a livery that I have never seen anyone fly. Please tell me if you even knew it was in the game cause I sure didn’t know before this flight!!

Info about the Flight

Server: Expert
Plane: McDonnell Douglas DC-10F “Arrow Cargo” Livery
Route: KLAS - KLAX
Time: 01:10

The green air cargo containers really compliment the green livery of this magnificent plane and livery! Currently loading up on the essentials such as pure white toothpaste and whole wheat bread!

After loading up 54,000 kg of toothpaste and bread, we roll down the runway and into the sunset!

We have liftoff!! This is one of my favorite pictures!

Another picture of the plane cause it deserves it. You rock that green!!!

After making a good touchdown and buttering the bread in the cargo hold, we start our breaking. God I can’t get over that beautiful green. :)

After parking, we start to unload the toothpaste and whole wheat bread. I think the crew stole some of the toothpaste for a quick snack as 1,000 kg are missing. That or we might have dropped some on takeoff. Shhhhh… Nobody needs to know ;)

Almost done unloading. It was quite the journey, but we still got more to do!! See you next time!

Should I continue with these short story snapshots?

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arrow cargo
never knew it existed lol


your sense of smell is impeccable my dude that is an underrated livery


Great livery, DC-10/MD-11 has some realy nice liverys that arnt on any other jets, Recommend you check them all out!


Glad I was able to show you this one @phoenix006

Thanks bro @Ritesh321

I will definitely be checking out DC-10F and MD-11 a lot more!! Glad you enjoyed it @Ben_Bino


Where’s my bread I bought then🌚🌚 nice pics but give me my bread!!



Ive been trying to find routes that this airline flies. Anyone know?

Hard to find a good route map. Only one I found was out of KLAS, but others such as Wiki say Miami. They stopped flying in 2010 however.

But of course sir. Straight from the container, heated to your liking, buttered perfectly on the runway.


Ceased operations in 2010 with Miami internatinal with its hub, Domestic scheduled destinations

International scheduled destinations

Thats wait I found on Wiki.