Do I really need to have Grade 3 for ATC test?

Don’t be offended by the topic. I am an ATC enthusiast, not a pilot enthusiast. I bought the IF to play as an ATC, yet I’m having hard time flying in IF for achieving the grade 3. But as an ATC in playground server, I have little to no problem controlling the traffic (as long as there are no ignorant pilots) If that requirement is there for ‘ATCs need to understand how planes fly’, then I guess I’ll have to fly more to meet the standards.

I think the requirement is there because you can’t access the advanced server if you are not grade 3. Also it would help if controllers have some level of flying experience, just do some tight touch-and-go’s and you’ll be grade 3 in no time :)


That’s what I thought so. Oh well… pain of grinding, here I come.

Do lots of touch and goes if you want XP. Flight time isn’t to hard to rack up. You will do well ;)

I am grade 3, but I still can’t apply because my “stats aren’t good enough”

I can’t apply either, I’m not old enough… Also @Scott_Kyu, make sure you meet all the other requirements so you don’t put in all that work then get turned down😉

Just keep flying… Initially I came here for the ATC as well but when I realized I needed 10,000XP for a Grade 3, I was actively flying… Yes kept crashing and all but I’ve improved my flight skills quite a lot :)

Unfourtunately, having grade 3 is one of the requirements needed to join Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control. so you have to have it. oyu will have to keep flying sir. ;]

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