Do I need to wait until my plane is on the localizer?

Hello. I was flying in the expert server and got the instructions to maintain the altitude and the heading until established on the localizer.

But I was confused because the aircraft didn’t reach to the localizer with the current heading. And I missed the localizer.

After that, I got reported by the ATC(Approach).

Do I need to wait until my aircraft is on the localizer?
Or is it ok to head the localizer without any instructions from ATC after the clearance?

I didn’t know this and I just wanted to confirm my explanation is correct.

Maybe the information which I am looking for is available here.

You should continue on the heading specified until you are on the the localizer and then make adjustments for landing. If you cannot establish the localizer then its best to make the adjustments necessary to do so which is what i normally do.

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The heading they give you is to intercept the localizer meaning it’ll be in a 30° angle from the runway most of the time. Sometimes you won’t be “touching” the localizer with this intercept heading. Once that heading makes you aligned with the localizer you can start turning in wards to line your self up with the localizer. So at the angle your at you should be able to turn in wards for final to the localizer from that angle they give you.

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Thanks for the precious information!

I was using B747-SCA and didn’t have ILS system (APPR)

So I asked the approach to let me land with VFR but I got an instructions to land with ILS. I didn’t understand this as well.

And the angle was more than 30°…

I’ll check the message in the morning again. :)

Controllers can “upgrade” your service (change you to a different service) depending on factors such as traffic volume, weather, etc. What I would do if my plane wasn’t equipped with APPR capabilities is to fly by hand once cleared for the approach and established on the localizer/GS.

Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Contacting the controller directly is also a good solution as s/he’s the only one who can tell you exactly why those events happened. If you’d like to take that road, you may list the controller’s name here so we can help you find their tag. :)

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I see… Thanks for providing me about your flying experience. That will help me a lot!

I couldn’t reach the localizer with the heading which was given from the tower today…

This is the main problem why I got confused.
I’ll check the message in the morning again!

No problem.

You could also probably get the report overturned by a moderator as you didn’t know what to do in this situation as at first it can be confusing.

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