Do I need to use SIDS and STARS

I’m having a hard time with SIDS and STARS and I would like to know if it’s mandatory to use them.

It is not but it helps a lot and you can only use vnav with sids and stars

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When the ATIS says that there are certain SIDs and STARs in affect you must follow those at all times.

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It depends what server you are on

It helps a lot with people like me who use Simbreif. It allows us to make realistic approaches and takeoffs into an airport…

I don’t know what to do. I’ve never used these before and now we have to use them. :(

And that’s fine! We’re all going through this together and it’s new for everyone. I highly suggest to take a read and listen to the tutorial below on SIDs and STARs and how it works within the app itself.

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When you know how to use them it makes life a whole lot easier

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Thanks for helping with some of my confusion. I’ve been playing IF since 2012 and it has come a long way in realism. Mods please close this topic.

Flag it :)