Do I Need to Fill This In


It’s been a while since my last screenshot topic. In that time I would like to say I’ve gotten better, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

No one reads this

Place: Queenstown, LAX, Toucomen, Sydney and Hong Kong to name a few.
Aeroplane: Take a wild guess
Route: I’m too lazy to fill this in, so have a cookie instead: 🍪

Parked at Queenstown with an aircraft I suspect spawned in just to see how bad my landing was.

I was going to make a burger joke but then I thought, Nah it wouldn’t fry.

I can’t think of a bad joke, so have some ice cream instead:🍦

Holding short on a group flight with @BP-Aviation and @Swithord for CMVA!

Proving once more that the a330 can make a hard landing

This is my new wallpaper.

Anyway thanks for looking at my Great pictures and even Greater jokes! do you get the sarcasm?


A330 can go up to -5000fpm landing which is terrible btw. Nice shots

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I watched the landing in question, and he proved you can do more haha

Great Photos! :D

I’m pretty sure the A330 can go up to -10,000fpm if it wants 😉

well it wasn’t thaaat bad😅



Kidding mate, absolute butter!

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Who’s the other guy in the NZ at Queenstown. I think it’s me lol.

Either way nice photos

Edit: that ain’t me unfortunately😔

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