Do i lose my grade and A330 enquiry

Hello, I haven’t been playing infinite flight for maybe a month or 2 because of my exams and in a bit I’m going to purchase a new subscription because I have no more exams until May. I was wondering, did i lose my grade 3 because I haven’t been playing or do i keep it?

Also with the a330 update, did the a330 cargo planes get a physics update?

Your Grade might have dropped a bit not really sure though (I hope you get it back up). And yes, the A332F got new physics, ground effect, and better yet, wingflex!

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I was so close to grade 4 but I’ll start flying more often now I’m free and no way did it get wing flex😁 I can’t wait to use it

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Mod can close this now

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Yep! The A330 family got wingflex in 19.1. Enjoy!