Do I have to download all my planes again after my IF Pro subscription expires then I renew it?

So I’ve recently purchased an Infinite Flight Pro subscription, and I downloaded all of the aircraft. If Infinite Flight will lock all those planes again after my subscription ends, will I have to download those planes again after I buy a new Pro subscription?

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No sir. Once they are downloaded onto your device they remain there until the app is deleted.


They will stay downloaded as long as the subscription is renewed, if you don’t renew then you will already have the free planes. Normally you only have to re download planes if you reinstall the app.

Adding on to what @Demeter said. Once you buy them, they are yours.

All App Stores selling Infinite Flight and it’s associated in-app purchases allow for downloading without repurchasing after an item has been paid for. If you’re an Android user your previous purchases will automatically be unlocked when you download the app by downloading the plane again. Apple users must open the aircraft selection page, then tap “Restore Purchases” to access any purchased regions and aircraft.

If you uninstall or get a new device you just have to download them again, you will not be charged.


Nope, all planes will stay.

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Thanks guys! I was not looking forward at all to re-downloading all those different planes!

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