Do I have EXTREMELY bad luck with ghosts?

Well, for some reason I feel that I get ghosted a the worst times. Let me give you two examples.

  1. Let me give u a backstory for this one. So, I fly the LAX to EWR route a lot, and it’s the route i’ve flown the most in my life. So, I was one of the first ones to sign up for the Pocket Rishi x InfiniteFlightPosts Coast to Coast LAX to EWR. For me, it was 4am - 9am for me, which made it hard. I stayed up until 3am on the day of the event, and that was when I realized, I had been ghosted the day before. :|

  2. Today I was ghosted while on approach into Las Vegas, because I made the downwind turn too early, and didn’t see the 772 heading in my direction until it was too late. Well, just not too long ago, I figured out that there will be IFATC tomorrow at KBUR. If you don’t understand why I am mad at this, just look at my name.

Those are my 2 unlucky experiences.


Well…those are unlucky - just make sure you are really careful in future.

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That’s why listening to your sequence tower gives you is so important. It tells you who to follow and makes you look. Just be more cautious and see it as a learning experience. We’ve almost all been in this situation before. If you need any clarification with your controller just let us know who it is if you don’t know already and we can get you in contact with them so they can clear it up from their perspective. :)


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