Do I follow the SID altitude indications?

I want to follow CDY8D at ZBAA going enroute to ZKPY. CDY VOR, which is at the end of the SID, says FL128
So that means I need to be at 12800 ft at the VOR, but CCA121 arrived at CDY at 18300 ft. So what does the FL128 mean? Should I follow it?

I’d say you should try.

In the end you can always go-around

the line under the FL128, means that you need to be “at or above” FL128 at that point… So if higher than FL128 you are ok!


Thank you!

This chart gives the offical definations for everything you will find on aviation charts. worth having a read


Is this chart units in meters or feet?

That will be in ft as it says 12000’ , if in meters it would have said 12000m…however to best of my knowledge aircharts are in ft. It should confirm this on ont he chart somewheer as well. (bottom left or right)

You gotta check if it has any solid lines too on top of the flight level. If the lines above flight level, you need to be below the alt, if the lines below, you need to be above the flt level.


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