Do horizontal stabilizers have slats?

Hey everyone. Weird question here- Do horizontal stabilizers have slats? I saw a picture of a 78-9 takeoff and I could swear there were slats on the horizontal stabilizers. Yes? No? Is it just a weird angle? Thanks!

-Captain Pie

Ah, no. I know what elevators are. I’m talking about the leading edge of the stablizer.

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Hmm, I could look into that for you.

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Those slats may be due to the fact that the horizontal stabilizers are trimmable. I may be wrong though…


Ah. Thanks mate. That’s probably it.

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The horizontal stabiliser/elevator is the surface where stab trim is effected, but there aren’t slats on the leading edge of the stabiliser.

Where did you see this @KindaAngrySliceOfPie? Any pictures?

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Saw the pic last night in a google search, after viewing the picture I thought about it and posted this thread. I’ll try to find it in my search history.

Usually no, they don’t.

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