Do grades reset?

If I were to get live for a month, get grade 2, then not get it the next month, then get it the month after that, would I retain grade 2 or start at grade 1?

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As long as you use the same login, your grade will stay the same. Thank you so much for contacting us!

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When you get to higher grades such as Grade 5 you must maintain a set amount of landings and flight time required to maintain that grade, so yes you can be demoted if you dont fly in a long period of time ;)!

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Here’s your answer:

Your Grade will not automatically be demoted. However, your grade won’t freeze. You’ll still need to keep up your requirments for a grade. So, if you need a specific amount of landings in 90 days, and you’re away for 90 days, you will be demoted.
Your grade isn’t reset, but it isn’t frozen.


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