Do Forum & Live Callsigns need to match?

Hi! I know the forum has the ability for members to set up a profile and callsign is one of them. Is it required to align your callsign in the forum to match the callsign in IF live? I usually change my callsign to reflect the livery and aircraft type. Thoughts?


No it is definitely not a requirement.


Not a requirement at all, especially since the “Callsign” field isn’t something that turn up in search results.

However, having your display name in IF similar to what you go by in here sure make things easier if someone would need to contact you or similar for whatever reason :)


Great, thanks! That’s so helpful, appreciate the feedback. I’m still a newbie so trying to figure out a few things


Just to clarify there are two fields you change. Your display name and your call sign. As mentioned most people set their display name to same as IFC name whilst the actual call sign changes depending on the aircraft/livery/route flown!

See you in the Virtual skies!


It depends on one’s preferences. Many pilots use IRL callsigns these days due to global. Personally, I usually use my custom callsign when flying Airbus A318s, Boeing BBJs, CCX and GA aircraft.


Do we just put our forum name if we use the display name?

There are no rules about what you use as your display name, however a lot of Regulars and Members here use the same display name as their user name on IFC. It’s always nice to see fellow pilots on line or doing ATC who you also interact with online here as well. Just part of the things that make this community unique and great!

I would recommend what I use, my display name is IFC Matt737.

Thanks all, I think all those are great suggestions. I currently have my display name the same in the forum as in IF. I just wasn’t clear if the call signs should match too. Thanks and really value everyone’s input!

Call signs change regularly. If your display name is the same or very similar, that’s how people will locate you.


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