Do fighters have speed restrictions?

Recently I flown with fighter on Playground server, for most of my flight I didn’t exceed 250kts as I was flying at about 5.000ft, but at one moment, while contacting ATC, I went to 260kts KIAS, but it didn’t give me violation, not even warning. Could it be that, that fighters doesn’t have speed restrictions or they have, just higher limits?

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You can go up to 260 in any aircraft I believe. There is a 10 knot “grace period” is what I was told.

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They do have violations!

Sometimes especially in weather the system is abit more lenient towards airspeed, try being in turbulence and keeping a steady 250 IAS it’s quite difficult but if you fly for an extended period of time above 250 under 10,000 you will receive a violation.

Exactly the same if you try and do aerobatic manoeuvres in the vicinity of an airport.

Weather was calm, I was able to keep my speed around 245-248kts, just that one moment, and no warning, normally in commercial jets, when I reach 250-251kts, warning pops up immediately. That’s why I’m wondering

Actually you can go to whatever speed you want below FL100 without getting a violation (fighters only) so long as you’re not in the so called vicinity of an airport or certain radius whatever!Oh plus don’t do it on advanced…The new rules remember!The best region to test this out is Singapore…less airports…in San Fransisco almost everywhere has an airspace so it wouldn’t be much applicable.

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I’m pretty sure you can’t your more than welcome to go and fly 300knts and send us a screenshot?

My live just expired…Mind betting on it?..I would be more than welcomed for the (bet)I’m sure you’re proving yourself wrong right now.So never mind:p.But once i renew i would be more than welcomed to spam your inbox with screenshots:p XD

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I stand corrected your right! I wouldn’t recommend it though other than free flight 😂

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Haha read my edited post…

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I thought that every aircraft had a speed violation at 260knts. It says 250knts but there’s a 10knt grace period. I’m pretty sure fighters are not exempt from this violation.

Yes the aren’t but not out of the airspace @hmkane

After @Phoenix1 comment I tested it out, yes in airport airspace you have separate limitations. In center and second circle you got warning when reaching 260 KIAS, but in third circle is 300 KIAS, outside of airspace you can go over 300 KIAS

And thanks to @Narroc_Wim for correcting grammar mistake in title 😊


I never knew about the 300 limit though!nice finding out that…i just knew of the out of airspace No speed limit

I’m not really sure about those 300, I took of from KNZY, exited airspace, reached 300 and suddenly KSAN airspace activated and warning pop up, went under 300 and warning disappeared.

If so.Then it is as you say

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