Do any of your Family or Friends Fly with you? (On IF)

My friend @JetBlue536 does with me! Unfortunately he is not very active on the IFC

Same… so lonely

That’s me people, i know what I am doing(I Think).


Myself and @aviation09 mess around on casual Server every now and then.

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Only one friend flies with me on If

I know a couple people which have infinite flight. Unfortunately one doesn’t play anymore but my other friend is as active as me!

my two sisters and my mom think I am crazy for waking up early and starting a flight and sitting around for 11 hrs and watching(I am really doing other stuff but they dont think so). My dad only plays on solo as he does not have a subscription. and I do not have any friends that play infinite flight

Lol me too

Nope. Super lonesome

No multiplayer. If infinite add chats with geolocation that might help these lonely ppl to socialise

Trying to get my uncle to play infinite flight after his long haul flights I told him it’s relaxing but he is not to reluctant tough.

Wait u wait arnd for 11 hours watching ur flight 😂

I am doing homework chores etc.

One of my friends have it, but we never fly together

Really! Wow
What is the elective called?

It was called flight simulation club. The school let me teach it and I got my friends to fly on IF.

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