Do any of your Family or Friends Fly with you? (On IF)

I’m currently flying LCLK - EGLL (Expert Speedbird 665 & 663) with my brother, it made me think does anyone else have a family member(s) or Friends who fly on IF with you?

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None of my friends do but I do have small group flights once in a while

@dush19 will need to get friends first


Done a couple of flights with my cousin ages ago but thats about it

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Family, no they don’t fly on Infinite Flight. Friends, plenty of friends of mine fly on IF as I actually made Infinite Flight an elective at my school and the school even payed for everyone’s PRO subs. It was so cool to see my friends try to fly and me teaching them. Great times.


sounds awesome

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I thought roasting people were @DeerCrusher’s and @schyllberg’s job. :clap: :clap:

If only my brother played IF with me. Won’t happen ever haha.

Out of all my friends and family, I’m the only AvGeek

big oof for me :(


Yes my wife only because she has to hear about it 24/7 where I’m flying to lol but in reality I go solo

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I have 2 friends that flown with me.

My friend Jackson (@PlanesBeLitFireYaaaa ) has flown with me before in the A-10. He sadly only wants to glitch himself to space.

And Carson (@The_Wildman) who’s flown some commercial flights. 2 days into aviation and he knows what trim, flaps, throttle, fuel, and how to use AP.

And theeeennnnn there’s my sister.

She’s 9 years old so what do you expect. She only knows how to put max throttle and lift her phone up.


What is an elective if i may ask?

An elective is a class/club that is not required to take in school but you can for fun. Usually not your basic math, reading, science classes but stuff like how to cook and things like that

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My brother is the only other person I know that plays IF.

Same here!

My son in law once came to close to my iPad. ⛏️⛓️💔🤕

We still talk to eachother… 😉


Nope never, my family nor friends even know IF exsits

None of my friends or family play it. My brother used to play it with me way back prior to global coming out. We flew KHAF-KSFO. Not my mom doesn’t really like how much I play 😔

Sadly, I’m the only one in my family that plays. :’(

My friend @aviation.ny does with me! Unfortunately he is not very active on the IFC