Do any of the military jets in infinite flight have autopilot?

Just wondering do any of the military jets have autopilot?? and which is the most powerful?


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which is the most powerful?
[/quote] The F22


The A10 in Infinite Flugyt dies.

The C-17 does

Read closely

C-17 is a military jet and it has auto pilot so what’s your point

Its not a jet

It is a jet. It’s a four engine military transport jet. Quote FROM Boeing’s own website. Powered by “Four Pratt & Whitney PW2040 (military designation F117-PW-100) 40,440 pounds thrust”. Source :

The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III is a large military transport aircraft.

Um… A “Jet” is a plane that is propelled by a jet engine and the C-17 is powered by a jet engine. I don’t see why it’s not a jet.

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Picture of PW2040 engine, same kind that are on c-17s

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