Do any Military Aircraft Regularly Fly Over Your House?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So with that in mind, I made the older brother equivalent to this thread. Why? Because I consider myself lucky to literally live 5 miles away from a freaking military/civil airbase. What’s better than eating your cornflakes, reading your newspaper i am 14 and i read it, its fun to read, and suddenly having 4 fighters roaring very lowly i might add over your house? Absolutely nothing.

So that begs the question.

What military aircraft fly over your house on a regular basis?

For me it is the daily patrol of the 142nd and 123rd go redhawks who fly their F-15s on patrol every single weekday.

Now let the mayhem begin.


Edit: Ight. I have no idea how this became a thing again but thanks humans for the bump.


Because I live near Fort Leonard Wood (KTBN), I occasionally see military aircraft. Maybe a C130 or C17 every once in a while, I usually see the Contour ERJs fly in to KTBN from Saint Louis.

Not my actual house no, but my company is not to far from Elmendorf AFB and they love to fly low over us at 2 in the morning

In my area I have once noticed a C130 and a C17 Globemaster Approaching Shannon Runway 27 8,000ft above me. This was a super rare sight but they fly there for refuelling and clearance before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

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Fighters are sometimes above my house at 8,000 feet.

A Huey once flew directly over my house. That wasn’t fun for my ears. Or my dog.

Right let’s see,

The Royal Australian Air Force does, not everyday.

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Same here, except a coast guard jayhawk was hovering above my house looking for a guy.

Oh yeah man I see a few military aircraft fly by regularly
I don’t live too far from the countryside, and RAF do trainings around there most of the time

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The Red Arrows just flew over my house. Super excited.

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Have had a formation of about 12 fighters fly over about 1000 ft once. It shook the house and knocked a few things over. I felt bad, because my 2 yr old neighbor was outside at the time. 😬

We have had 2 C17s here before, but they came in from the other side of the runway :(

There are barely any military aircraft in my country. So no

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Every day, look at my bio and you will see why!

I live in the approach pattern for Offutt AFB so I’ve seen B52s, RC135s, C17s, C5s, C130s, F15s,16s, and the E4Bs which are stationed here.

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The only time I saw military aircraft fly over was 4 years ago, over my elementary school field.

A squadron of 7 helos flew over

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Yes they do!

I live very near a military airport [EHLW] which has multiple aircraft flying over my city. I can’t get enough of that beautiful, loud sound above my house.

Once in a while they organise a spectacular flightshow with aircraft coming from all around the world. It’s crazy how many people get there!

Close to my house, I occasionally see C17s.

Identity theft is not a joke Jim!

I have mostly KC-10s and C-5s

I have Air Force Academy trainers fly over all the time and sometimes C-130s will fly over my house pretty low and every now and again I’ll see C-17s approaching Peterson AFB

I don’t have any pictures sadly but I live right next to Buckley Air Force Base(KBKF) and I see F-16Cs flown by the 120th fighter squadron of the Army Nation Guard flying around pretty often but now they’ve gone somewhere or something. Last Friday I was headed home from school which is right next to the base and spotted 8 F-22s fly out of the base and I was close to them so it was a pretty cool experience and then last Sunday my dad spotted 4 f22s flown by the Air Force flying over us in formation but I couldn’t get my phone out in time. I’ve also spotted a C-17 globe master fly in while I was at recess in 5th grade and in that same year saw Air Force one fly over my school and the Air Force base so I’ve had quite a bit of times seeing fighters and military planes flying over my house and have recently gotten into them and am now in civil air patrol and headed for the air force

F15s and the occasional F18s because of Oregon national air guard

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