Do any heavies fly from the US to Canada?

Hi guys, I’m just curious if any heavies fly from the US to Canada. I already know one flight from FLL to YYZ on the AC A330, but I would prefer a 3d airport. Thanks!!

I’m not aware of a whole lot, but I do know that Westjet operate their Boeing 787-9’s on routes to Hawai’i.

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I forgot to specify that I am looking flights from the mainland. Thanks though!!

Your best bet is to do some investigating on FlightRadar24. I’ve found one from Toronto to Los Angeles (operated by AC in a B789). Just chuck in, for example: YYZ-LAX in the search bar. You’re bound to find a few.

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Air Canada flies the 787-9 from YYZ to LAX and possibly SFO.

Thanks for the suggestions! I think I’ll do that route, but I’m just curious if there are any more.

Air Canada occasionally flies the 777-300er and 777-200lr and A330 to LAX from Toronto and I think SFO as well

Thanks! I’ve already gotten my idea. This topic can be closed now.