Do all posts have to be about this simulator?

Can I just post anything about planes or does it have to be about something from the game. For example can I make a post that asks what your favorite WW2 fighter plane is

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Yes. All posts in any category except #real-world-aviation have to be about Infinite Flight.


As @DiamondGaming4 pointed out, you can post in the #real-world-aviation category for aviation-related topics not having anything to do with Infinite Flight. Unfortunately you have to be Tl2 to post in #real-world-aviation, but if you keep liking and posting you’ll get there in no time!

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Great to know.

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Welcome to our community!

I recommend you take some time and read this topic:

It pretty much covers everything you need to know as a new user in here, and then some :) I’m sure it’ll be of great help in getting you familiarized with the community.


Is it okay if we post pictures from other flight simulators?

This is as previously mentioned, an Infinite Flight forum.

Okay, cool. What a fast reply though

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It changed a little bit from the previous system.

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