Do all Advanced atc have a forum account?

Do all advanced atcs have a forum account. Becuase they should and they need to be active. Because i know the atc i had a problem with earlier saw my topic and ignored it. That is a clear sign of ignoring everything. They shouldve commented on it

They should have to have an account with the same name they have for their if thing and i could pm them

Sometimes its not the pilot thats wrong just like my otehr topic i made earlier

Idk what you are on about Joe. I would only expect lovely compliments from this guy


First: If you have a problem with the advanced ATC then go to the Playgrohnd ATC.

People have told you time and time again, the advanced ATC know what they’re doing and hard as it may be for you to believe, perhaps you made a mistake.

We all make mistakes and it’s fine-What is not fine is being shameless and always placing the blame on other people. Take responsibility.

Second: It is the person’s choice if they have a forum acct. I am not sure if they all have one, but you cannot force them to have one.


Do all pilots have it?? Don’t worry be happy!


If you look at the forum account of the Controller you are talking about, you will notice that he isn’t an active user. So I doubt that he ignored your posts.

Not everyone can post twenty topics per day (every day) like you -.-


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Swang delete laurens and kccos post there pretty much off topic like mine that u deleted before @Swang007

No need to call people out. This forum is supposed to be civilized and be full of mature people. There is no use to continue posting in this topic as it has just gone downhill.

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Here we go again…

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It would help if you could nto comment on this

Otherwise if you do then you can be just as bad as everything else and everyone trying to start a war on here

What’s wrong with me commenting on a General post?

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Well your trying to start a fire war on here so it would help if u dont comment

Your luck you didnt get banned becuase blackburd did

Mmmmmmmmmmk, sure!

Unfortunately we can’t force ppl to be active. Our most active advanced ATC are here but they can’t always engage. That being said, some of them probably don’t want to engage in negative posts (calling out ppl, complaints, etc) because it will not advance anything.

Feedback (positive and negative) that is respectful, polite and well put together should be a priority for this forum.

As I said many times, if you don’t have anything to add to improve a topic on this forum, do not post. Knee-jerk reaction posts/comments are not helpful.


Yes the most of them do ;) //Advanced ATC2

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