Do Airlines take route suggestions seriously?

Hey everyone! As you all know, I live in Manchester, NH, and my hometown airport is the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and here are the routes that the airlines provide for us here in New Hampshire:

American Airlines/American Eagle
-Charlotte, NC (KCLT) [Equipment: CRJ900, CRJ200]
-Philadelphia, PA (KPHL) [Equipment: ERJ170/175, ERJ145, CRJ200]
-Washington DC (KDCA) [CRJ200]
Delta Airlines/Delta Connection
-Atlanta, GA (KATL) [Equipment: MD88]
-Detroit, MI (KDTW) [Equipment: CRJ200, CRJ900, A319]
-New York-Laguadia, NY (KLGA) [ERJ170/175, ERJ145, CRJ200]
United Express
-Chicago, IL (KORD) [Equipment: ERJ145, ERJ170]
-Newark, NJ (KEWR) [Equipment: ERJ145, Dash 8 Q-200/300
Southwest Airlines
-Baltimore, MD (KBWI) [Equipment: B737’s]
-Chicago-Midway, IL (KMDW) [Equipment: B737’s]
-Tampa, FL [KTPA] [Equipment: B737’s]
-Orlando, FL [KMCO] [Equipment: B737’s]
Seasonal only
-Ft. Lauderdale, FL (KFLL)*
-Las Vegas, NV (KLAS)**

*Southwest only does stops, no non-stop, and it seems they no longer do these routes non-stop

My question is, Do airlines really listen to you and actually pass it along to someone at their routing team? I asked every US Airline to fly a certain route into Manchester, and all said that they will pass the suggestion on. I feel like they don’t listen and they don’t really pass it on to the routing team.

Here is the list I asked for routes to be opened from KMHT:
Miami, FL (KMIA) [American]
Fort Lauderdale, FL (KFLL) [jetBlue]
London, United Kingdom (EGLL) [British Airways, Norwegian Air]
Nantucket Island (KACK) [Cape Air]
Dallas Fort Worth, TX (KDFW) [American]
Toronto, Canada (CYYZ) [Air Canada, WestJet, Porter Airlines)
Denver, CO (KDEN) [United, Southwest]
Many more. In fact, too many.

So do they take route suggestions consideration, or do they just not take it seriously?

If there is a large number of requests like many many people they would consider it


At an airport when you are getting your ticket printed and they know where you are going to and if alot of people have to make a connection they might open a non-stop route


A lot more goes into an airline dedicating a route than a single person emailing them with a suggestion just for the sake of it.

They have hundreds, if not thousands, of employees that are more than capable of making these decisions. They aren’t walking around in an empty room bumping into each other praying that somebody finally sends them an email with a route suggestion.

They do lots of things such as market research. They look at business customers, holiday customers, populations of cities, other competition flights, other competition such as rail or bus services. They need to determine if there is even demand for the route, then on top of that, enough demand to make it viable to schedule flights - ie, schedule an aircraft, crew, catering, fuel, ground staff to name a few.

For example, Southwest only fly seasonal flights from KFLL. You suggested American open a route from KMIA. If southwest can’t even make it profitable to fly all year around, why would American start flights all year around from KMIA? They’ll just be competing with an already under-demanded Southwest route!


No, they do not. They have concrete data in their systems, they don’t need people’s suggestions because they already know what the people want before the people tell it to the airlines.


Exactly, people who work in the routes department are already onto it

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