DNMM Taxi route

Hi everyone

so this is about a confusion an incident that occured 16:30Z at DNMM

i was told to taxi to runway 18L from the central terminal

the taxi route was to cross 18l first and then proceed , but at the time a 737 was exiting the runway through the same intersection i was about to taxi and also there was a 777 to my right
so i had no way to go except for the taxiway on my left marked X which i shouldnt taxi

I was blocking traffic flow so i decided to use the taxiway

I feel guilty using the restricted taxiway and i need to know what i could have done to prevent the mistake so that i dont repeat this.

sorry @Twocflyer and other aircraft for the inconvenience
Pls help


It’s unfortunate that there is an x on them taxiway just use it next time. It’s FNF and extremely busy.


Thank you ,

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It’s FNF, it has always (and will always) be the same. Ridiculously busy! Don’t worry about it, as long as no violations or ghosts were gained as of it!

Happy flying!

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Looking at the layout, it seems like aircraft from the central terminal should all go to 18R, instead of 18L to prevent this conflict. The taxiway going up to 18L is closed and the only way to continue is by crossing the active, then proceeding up the other parallel taxiway.

18L has exits closer to the terminal so it would be a very quick taxi for these folks who landed on this runway. Arrivals can be held on the taxiway before entering if there is any ramp congestion. 18R can still be used for landings as well but the main taxiway leading in and out of the terminal needs to be monitored closely to prevent conflicts. 18R should be the main departure runway though as it’s the longest of the two. 18L should be used for folks who spawned on the far right side of the field so they can easily taxi up there without any crossing instructions.

Despite it being FNF, I think this method will ease some strain and make it a bit simpler. It’s one way in and one way out. I wasn’t the controller though so it’s up to them what they deem as efficient.


I got ghosted for being unfamiliar with taxi diagram. Very important to read up on

May I ask you by who? I’m doing ground at the moment.

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This has already been sorted via PM with the correct controller. Thanks

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I am an ex BAVA member :)


Ah,nvm then

Very good to know…


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