dn1801’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I am curious about being an ATC controller and I would like to be one myself for today to see how it is. If I like it, I may apply for IFATC. So if you guys don’t mind, can you come down to CYVR (on training server) and test out my ATC skill? And I do fly on expert server so I do understand most ATC instructions.
Airport: CYVR
Time: In about an hour from now (Around 8pm AEST)
Server: Training
And if could you please, after your flight, give me feedback on how I went.

Thank you!

I’ll probably come, I’m not sure.

Okay, thank you :)

I am now open. Feel free to come down :)

I’m coming !

Oh wauw, I don’t have a pro subscription anymore…

Rip. I someone here, but it’s not you is it?

What do you mean ?

Are you at CYVR? Because there is a plane here. It’s not you is it?

I’m not, because I don’t have a subscription… 😆

Damn ok. Will you be getting another one😂

Of course…

Now? Haha😂

Wauw, this is weird. So, I had a message saying that I don’t have an active pro subscription. But now it says that it’s valid until May 18…

In that case, I’m coming to CYVR…

Haha, how? Lucky you😂

Haha thank you

The IF-Gods are with me… 🙏

They sure are

Are you gonna do pattern works?