DME In the B737

Hi guys!

So, my most commonly used aircraft in IF is the B737. But, there is still one thing I can not find. That being a DME reference. So, in an A320, you can see how far from a tubed station you are just below the IAS on the PFD.

But, I’m unable to find it on the 737. It definitely isn’t where it is on the Airbuses, but I can’t find it anywhere else. Is it even modelled in IF? Because all I can do at the minute is use my FPL.
Any ideas?

Hey there!

You can reference your tuned NAV station in the 737 cockpit through the navigation display which is to the right of the PFD.

Here’s a diagram produced by @Brandon_K in his 737 Cockpit: Explained topic that showcases the navigation display & all its features; specifically the NAV station reference.

I’ve highlighted the NAV station reference in the diagram below for you:

Hope that helps out. Cheers!


Oh thanks! I never thought of that topic! 👍

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