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I am trying to bring in more realism to my departure and arrival procedures. I was reading a departure chart, and I saw something which said turn heading 70 deg at DME 3.5. I was just wondering if anyone could explain what a DME is and how it works.

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DME, or Distance Measuring Equipment, is a measuring tool for accuracy for approaches/procedures. When DME is used, it will usually accompany a station to base that distance off of (most commonly at VORDME at or very near the airport).

Currently, there is no default method to measure DME in Infinite Flight, although there are add-on apps to let you be able to use this resource. If you can find the facility where the DME equipment is located, and it exists as a waypoint in IF, you can add it to the end of a flight plan and use said waypoint as a quasi DME marker.

In your aforementioned procedure, you would tune into the listed DME facility, then make your turn to 070 upon reaching 3.5 DME from said facility.

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Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. Do you know the namd of any of those add-on aps on the top of your head?

IF Instruments would be the one that I know of that has this capability. If I remember correctly, the app its self has a cost then the DME function has an additional cost as well.

For a more detailed explanation, btw, go to the FAA website, and/or google the “Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge”, or PHAK and read the chapter that covers navigation equipment, which contains information about DME.

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For some procedures you can use the DME from the ILS which is shown but this will be mainly for approach and / or go around procedures.

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You can also place the Distance To Next information in the bottom bar and use that as a workaround DME. Just select the DME facility as your active waypoint, and look at that number while you fly.

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