DM Me ATC Videos Of 21.1 For Movie!


Today I will be accepting images and videos (under 10 sec) for ATC Gameay! I will be putting together a new IF tralier not posting any data about it untill it Premieres. I Hope you have great videos to share!

Please note that you must only DM me videos. Thank you! (Feedback is appreciated for replies!

Reciving DMs untill 2021-05-04T07:00:00Z

Thank You, Good Day.

Find first vid here: 21.1 Un-Official Tralier


Get those dms in! Can’t wait!

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Honestly I think you should expand that time in which you are receiving pics/vids… thats kind of a short period of time if you are planning to make a whole trailer.


I have a lot of dms arydey so I am keeping it open till 2021-05-01T06:00:00Z

Updated: 2021-05-03T01:57:00Z

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