Dlva158’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ KORD

we are going to be at the KORD airport, i would like to be trained everything, just fly whatever you would like, and ill control you!

Anybody is welcome.

RUNWAYS IN USE: 22L, 28R, 27L, 28C

TAGS: @Dope @BT_HANDLES @Yash_Prabhu

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Feel free to tag me whenever you open, unfortunately I won’t make this one :(

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No Problem!

Tag me on the next sesh!

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Have you applied for IFATC?

Tag me also.

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We are open again!

Hey there,

Strongly recommend you choose a less complex airport. Especially during the training phase of your IFATC journey, choosing the airports listed in the following will be your best course of action in fulfilling the fundamentals of Local controlling:

  • KFAT
  • KVAD
  • FAOR
  • KAFW
  • ENGM
  • KLCK

I highly recommend trying some of the following to practice basic pattern work with parallel runways and intersecting to improve basic fundamentals before moving on to more complex and high-volume airports - such as O’hare. Wish I could stop by one of these times, but I am currently busy with real-life commitments and IFATC, my deepest apologies.

P.S. these are some airports we use here at IFATC to train local controllers so I would recommend getting a headstart familiarizing yourself with them.


Thanks i will considers those airports

Feel free to tag me as well!

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