Dlva158’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ KIND

Tell me how I do when I ATC!


Please use the original topic that you made here.

You can edit your title of the thread and then respond in a comment that you’re open



KORD is now open!

There were some things here that were good, particularly telling me to make left traffic before takeoff and the exit runway command.

However regarding the pattern, there is still room for improvement. I suggest that you check the atc manual on this

It was also unnecessary for progressive taxi instructions after landing. This should really only be used to avoid a conflict or to expedite aircraft throughout the airport. None of these conditions were met

But hey, we all have to start somewhere, and you can only improve :)


Thanks alot, and I will take a look at that!


Come join at KIND

Im now open at KATL

Acctually KPNS!

Anybody else want to join and help?

It’s open?

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yes it is!

Were open again!

I am open again!

KIND ground is open!

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I’ll come by in a bit

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Ok thanks for that!

I am Speedbird240VA

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Awesome I see you! But your at the FedEx gates!

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Didn’t want a long taxi 🙂

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Ahh ok awesome!

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