Dlva158’s ATC Tracking Thread- [CLOSED] @ N/A

Im doing ATC at KORD, if anybody wants to fly in/out of KORD, spawn in.


Hey! Sorry I can’t make it this time, but ping me when you’re open next time.

Also, in the future, if you’d like users from the community to join your sessions on the Training Server, I would highly recommend that you make an ATC Tracking Thread in the #atc category, which you can open up and bump, whenever you’re active on the Training Server

There’s an excellent guide on how to make a tracking thread here:

If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a PM, I’ll be glad to help you out! :)


Oh ok Sooraj, thanks for even replying.

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Ok. Feedback for N734C.

  • Telling me to contact tower was unnecessary, you already told me to contact tower when ready when you gave me my taxi clearance.

  • Probably could have told me to line up and wait instead of hold short but hold short worked out fine.

  • Make a right 360? Maybe a left 360 would be more appropriate since Razor 1878 was on my right side.

  • Then you tell me to enter straight in which was unnecessary; you could have just cleared me for the option. (Technically the only pattern entry that was correct was when you switched me to 28C instead of 28R, all the others were not needed.)

  • You should have cleared me for the option way earlier than you did, and the traffic direction would normally be unnecessary since you told me that in my takeoff clearance, but I’ll let you slide since you did switch my runway which then requires a traffic direction my option clearance.

  • Transition altitude was too high. Remember the formula for a transition, Airport elevation rounded UP to the next 500 ft + 2500ft = Transition altitude. ORD airport elevation is 680 feet, round that up to 1000 then add 2500, which would give a transition altitude of 3500 feet, not 4000 which you gave me.

Just work on pattern entries/pattern work/transitions, which you can learn more about here:

And departures which you can learn more about here:

You can read the ATC manual which is very helpful and tells you basically everything you need to know here:

For a simpler version of the ATC manual, you can read the ATC guide found here:

Thanks! And that is all, happy controlling!

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I’m coming right now!

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Thanks, I hope next time you join ill do better.

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Ok see you there

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