DLVA Tricky Approach Thursday

DLVA Tricky Approaches

Today I flew with my VA, DLVA, on our weekly Tricky Thursday Approaches. Todays Theme was Runway 1R in the RARE occasion at SFO. It was a great flight from SLC all the way to NORCAL. Great scenery, and a fun surprise on approach to SFO.

Brief Info

Flight Time: 1hr 30mins
Arriving Runway: 1R SFO
Aircraft: A350-900

Team Photo as we prepare to head down to SFO

Preparing to rocket out of SLC with nice view of the mountains

The Great Salt Lake below as we climb out of 5,000ft

Passing over Reno, NV at our cruising altitude of FL360

As descent below 10,000ft were greeted with Southern San Fran below

**Getting ready to loop around as we get escorted by yours truly… @DeerCrusher **

Making the right hand turn on short final to line up with 1R

Greaser on 1R

Parallel Landing

**Delta Airlines Virtual @MDoor **

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight and the mods for stopping by. Hope you guys enjoy the screenshots :)


Were the winds favoring the 1s, they rarely do so that’s really cool!


Yeah it was a cool event! It was a very tricky approach

Hey who is that 742 exiting the runway in picture 8? Ha ha 😃

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I like the way you edit you’re pics, keep up the nice work!

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Hahaha wonder who that could be @Aceorbit😉

Thanks bro! Appreciate it alot 😊

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Nice pics! I was taking off in a Cessna while y’all were approaching/landing and I was literally surrounded, I was tryna get out of there so fast😂

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Remarkable post @Kevinsoto1502! It was indeed a very interesting, challenging, and fun approach into SFO with the group. I had a great time flying with all of you guys! Those photos are top notch! 👌 💪

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Thanks you sir! It was indeed great flying with the group. Loved the approach into 1R

Hahaha I saw you😂 I felt bad I was constantly checking ti see if you were still in the airspace🤣

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Yea thankfully I managed to get out of there without interfering with y’all lol, in a strange way it was a bit scary, it felt like I was in the ocean being surrounded by sharks😂😂

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Awesome pictures! Love the 1R/1L visual approaches. Which happen very rarely

Hahaha😂😂 Yeah welcome to VFR flying🤣

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Yes they are so RARE they dont have an approach plate

Oh, nice! Love that! it’s also always fun to do tricky approaches. Love the editing too!

You guys parked at the Alaska/American Terminal…

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Haha yeah it was cause we just needed somewhere to park. 😅 Thanks for the feedback appreciate it

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DLVA: exists
Also DLVA: parks at Alaska and American terminal at sfo
Nice pics though!

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😂😂😂. Thanks btw man

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Great shots!!

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