DLVA Four Year Anniversary - Atlanta Timelapse

Delta Virtual’s Four Year Anniversary Event

A big thank you goes out to @Smax for the opportunity to control, as well as any pilots that attended!

First and foremost, congratulations to @DeltaVirtual on four years, personally I haven’t joined, but it does look like an amazing virtual airline. Another thank you goes out to @Smax for helping host this incredible event, definitely one of the best organized I’ve seen in a while, and all went well due to the competence of the attendees, thank you all! Of course, such an event couldn’t go unplanned, so let me explain what the local controllers did to prepare.

With this event, came a team of only highly experienced controllers, which I’ll list down below. On local, we had @TaipeiGuru and I, him on tower, me on ground, and here is the plan we formulated to efficiently work with the given traffic levels we’d been expecting.


Thank you to @Delta319 and @lucaviness for helping put together this extremely effective plan.

With the help of voice chat communication, all of us controllers were able to work as a team to get the eager pilots into, and out of, Atlanta safe and sound. It was a super fun experience, and here are the following controllers that participated in the Air Traffic Control team for this event:

Tower + ATIS: @TaipeiGuru; IFATC Supervisor, Tester & Trainer

Ground: @ShaneAviation; IFATC Supervisor & Tester

North Approach/Departure: @Darius_Glover; IFATC Supervisor, Recruiter & Trainer

South Approach/Departure: @Will_A; IFATC Supervisor, Recruiter & Trainer

Atlanta Center: @ToasterStroodie; IFATC Supervisor, Tester, & Trainer

Additional Support: @Drummer + @Trio

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Felt like ATL at its peak rush hour in the summer. Aircraft movement pretty much matched traffic patterns irl and got us going quick.

Personal thank you to @Shane for directing me to 26L from F as that saved me a decent amount of waiting time lol.

Can’t wait for the 5 yr event

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Yeah, it got really crazy at the end, but Taipei, along with everyone else, did a great job handling the traffic.

No problem!

Wow, another time lapse from the one and only Shane! Great job as always! 💙

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It was fun controlling with you. I’d argue ATL got the best possible service!

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Great timelapse! Finally got to see myself in it lol.

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