DLVA Application Help

Hello IFC! I have been trying to apply to DLVA for some weeks now and I’ve been having some trouble. To anyone who is a member of DLVA, can you please help me? Here is what happened:

  1. Four weeks ago I applied to DLVA for the first time and failed (I studied after for hours)
  2. I waited two weeks to apply again and it rejected me again after filling out the signup info
  3. I emailed the help team via the link provided on the website and got no response
  4. I filed for reapplication today and was again rejected
  5. I emailed the help team again via the link provided on the website and have gotten no response

To anyone in DLVA with access to the admissions team, can you help me out? I really hope this issue can be resolved! See you in the skies!


I’d recommend messaging the DLVA staff, or commenting on their thread.

Also, support is for inapp issues, not VA issues.

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Thank You!!

I’m sure they will see this and contact you.