DL941 | Raleigh - Las Vegas | B737-900

Hey guys, domestic flight today. Comment down, what route should I fly? What aircraft is your favorite?

Here are the flight details of DL941…

4 Hours 36 Minute Flight

Raleigh - Terminal 2 Gate C1
Las Vegas - Terminal 1 Gate D34

Boarding - 1:00 PM (PDT)
Arrival - 5:35 PM (PDT

Boeing 737-900

Here are the photos token on this flight, enjoy!


Regarding my recent flight, UAL886, I took this photo that I thought was pretty cool that I did not upload on the flight page, hope you like the photo!

Have a great day fellas’!


Awesome shots!

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Please do Pan Am 747 from JFK to LHR!

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or EDDF! (10)

Hey Hector! Sorry, I don’t really fly the 747 in Infinite Flight!

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Ah no problem!
what about KLM a330 to sint Maarten from amsterdam

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Cool route! I’d love to fly that; hopefully after my upcoming New Zealand flight IF I will fly that route. Thank you


Hey man, lol, just realizing how big the plane is and the airport, I decided to not make the flight. However…I will fly the KLM A330 from Amsterdam to Mumbai and dedicate it to you! Thank you and again, sorry for the A330 flight to Saint Maarten!

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