DL_Film’s ATC Tracking Thread @ENBR (CLOSED)

Practicing for Plane & Pilot ATC. Thank you all for helping me get there! Please come on by! If you join Please write below How i was in ATC work.

Location: ENBR

Frequencies: Ground, Tower

Day: Wednesday. 6th Mars

Time: 1700Z - 1735Z 2019-03-06T17:00:00Z2019-03-06T17:35:00Z

Remarks: None

Server: Training

Status: OPEN

I can maybe be late but only wait a little bit with the Gates. Nice if you use Livery: Norwegian Airlines.


Goodluck @Pilot_Dan1!

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Thank you very much.
BTW shall you fly?

I Feel it is to few people I have seen. Only one has come.

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