DJW's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KRDU

Welcome to my ATC thread, currently, as a New Year’s resolution, I plan to get enough Operations to apply for IFATC, without or hopefully avoiding trolls!

Currently: Closed
Ping List:@RagonDragon, @Playboii_Dray


I’m sure with hard work, and time. You’ll achieve your goal 👍😀

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I’ll open at 22-23 EST, If anyoe wants to join.

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Hey have you passed your written test? If so I’d recommend getting a trainer if you don’t already.

Also, ping me when you’re open next time.

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No, I’m doing operations, to apply for IFATC, but will keep this open once I apply.

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Open at KRDU!

Feel free to tag me

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Sure thing!

Yea ping me too 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾

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Anyway yall, I’ll be open tonight!

Alright, I’ll open tonight and ping yall

Ping me if you open

@TuuAvvgekk @Playboii_Dray @RagonDragon @VortexVolt

Ignore the closed sign, I can’t seem to edit it for some reason

Alright! I’m open KCLT @RagonDragon @Cabin_Services @Playboii_Dray @TuuAvvgekk @VortexVolt

I’ll join the ping list!