DJSunfire's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC Tracking thread!

As I continue in my ATC journey, I want to continue to improve and fine-tune my skills. I want to be as prepared as I possibly can for my Practical so any practice or help is greatly appreciated. If you’re able to stop by, please don’t forget to leave me some feedback!

Airport: LFML

Server: Training

Runways: 31L, 31R

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

What I would like to work on: Pattern work/sequencing, runway changes, airspace transitions.


Feel free to tag me anytime!

I’ve attended a few of your official sessions (Delta 911)

I’ll drop by anytime I can

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This was definitely a very good session!
Nothing to add! 👍

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@Americanboi @7209D4AC @Stef_Smet @thomas_Johnson @CEO8FE96 @CompetitiveDivide320

Thank you for coming out! I really appreciate it. Please let me know of any feedback and I hope to see you when I open again.

@Michael_Sides1 YES!!! :) Glad you came by! I’ll definitely tag you for the next one.

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Thank you! You definitely gave me some variety and that was very helpful.

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Thanks for having me!

Apologies if I put some pressure on - you were finishing up and wanted a runway change, sequence and transition! Think I manage it :D

Overall, great job! Try to prioritise tasks - for example the runway change took a little while and I extended my own upwind and a clearance etc. was given on downwind during that point which would be less of a priority right then. Not a significant issue but you said ‘fine tune’ :)

Transition fine - I would go with 2500 + airport altitude (67 ish i think), so 3067 and then round up to 3500. Others would go with 3000 like you did so all good. Perhaps worth a note.

I did notice @Stef_Smet (great work with that go-around at EGCC a while back - most people wouldn’t notice ;)) given an extend upwind for the runway change but nobody on the other side, so I know you know how to do it!

All great - see you around! :D


Thank you so much for that feedback! I hope to see you again on the next one.

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Hey at RKSI too :D

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😆😆 Thought I’d have a short flight out before bed.

Feel free to tag me the next time you open :)

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Late-night session.

If you are up and about, stop by and help me better my skills!
If you do, don’t forget to leave me some feedback for the soul.

Airport: UMMS

Server: Training

Runways: 31R, 31L

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

What I would like to work on: Pattern work/sequencing, runway changes, airspace transitions, G/A and unexpected conflicts.

@Guitar @Stef_Smet @Americanboi @Michael_Sides1 @thomas_Johnson

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Might drop by in a few

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Coming (10)

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Are u closing?


In just a couple of mins.

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Feedback From Delta 911:

Excellent transition!!

Excellent Pattern entry and sequence!!

Excellent runway changes!!

Excellent catch with the GA test!!

Excellent Exit runway command!!

Overall review:

Excellent excellent work! You definitely have good knowledge of the basics! Keep it up!!

Who’s your official trainer again?

Thanks for the excellent service!

I really appreciate it!! Andres Arevalo is my trainer. He’s whipping me into shape 😄

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I’ll be sure to attend more of your official sessions, not that it will take too many more 🙂

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