DJet - The Private Jet VA

Welcome to DJet!

DJet is a company that flies only the best Private Jets.

Our fleet consists of,

737BBJ1 (Generic)
A319ACJ (Generic)
Cessna Citation X (Generic)

Our current hub is Antigua but we will soon be expanding to have a hub at Point-à-Pitre (Next month).

The VA is ran by @Captain_DJ, who recently left the forum. If you join the VA you will be able to talk to him again through our communications on Slack.

To join please PM your E-Mail address, name and stats.

Thanks you!


You just said it, everyone will join now! :)


Yeah. But if they only join to speak to DJ I’ll drop 'em.

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Come on! Thought more people would be interested.

Yous could make an Instagram account & partner with @IF_A_TEAM & I’s VA

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*Point-à-Pitre :P

Nice idea to run a private jet VA.

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You interested in joining?

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What about you @divebuddha?

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Nice pun tho.
Is @DeltaJuliet1990 a member of yours?

I would join, just to busy with the IFO maybe after.


No. He is not.

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Zach I would but at the minute I am acting CEO of air.a320 & I have a high position in the airline normally so I now have 2 jobs.

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i thought i was in on the action, i guess not lol

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Well, I mean you never sent an Application to me…

Our C750s have arrived!

What do you mean by that ?

We have the Cessna now.

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A message from DJ,

Welcome to DJet, the first Private Jet VA on IF. Forget DeltaVirtual, and TravelSky, when DJet offers comfort and luxury like a private jet. DJet is made with only the best quality materials that you would find on other million dollar jets. Our fleet will expand in the near future, and hopefully our bases will too. I have 2 of my wonderful Administrators @hamza787aj and @zacharysiddy, and as everybody knows me, the CEO of DJet, DJ.

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I thought it would get more interest.

Don’t worry! People will come.