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Hello Infinite Flight Community Members,

I would like to say it’s a pleasure to run DJet again! This time, it’s no private charter VA but will be a fully functioning commercial and cargo airliner owned by Skyliner Air Group. We’ve moved on from our previous hub in Hawaii, and moved in with our Parent, Skyliner in the London Region. We are now based In Gatwick, with our parent down the road based in Stansted. We are changing the way we now operate, and have new ideas. We will have a new logo and also a new fleet refreshment - filled with the most modern luxurious aircraft you have ever seen. We will even have a regional airline “DProp” which will operate regional routes around the London Region, as well as the original International DJet with many international routes [Coming Soon!] to your most favourite destinations! But all of this has to start somewhere… We have a Training program where you learn to fly for DJet, and you’re taught the correct way! We have rankings, see how high you can go! We aim on assisting Skyliner and become more popular than our rival, TravelSky. So have a read. If you like it, Join!

###Our Crew

@B767fan - Owner of Skyliner Group
@Hamza787Aj - Co-Owner of Skyliner Group
@B777fan - CEO
@SingaporeAirlines - Route Manager
@Furtive_masstwofourf - Fleet Manager

###Our Fleet

Cessna 172
Cessna Citation X
Cirrus SR22

Bombardier Q400

Airbus A318
Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A321
Airbus A330
Airbus A340
Airbus A380
Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737-900
Boeing 747-8I
Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 747-8F (Operated by Boeing)
Boeing 777F

Airbus ACJ318
Airbus ACJ319
Airbus ACJ320
Airbus ACJ321
Boeing BBJ1
Boeing BBJ2
Boeing BBJ3
Cessna Citation X

##Our Routes and Hubs

EGKK (Gatwick)

  • Hub for DProp, DJet, DCargo and DExecutive. Secondary Hub for Skyliner Air.

EGSS (Stansted)

  • Secondary Hub for DProp, DJet, DCargo and DExecutive. Hub for Skyliner Air.

EGTD (Dunsfold)

  • Hub for DTraining

From London Gatwick (EGKK) - Regional and Domestic (DProp):

  1. Birmingham (EGBB)-
    -Operated by a Q400
  1. Bournemouth (EGHH)
    -Operated by a Q400
  2. East Midlands (EGNX)
    -Operated by a Q400
  3. London London City (EGLC)
    -Operated by a Q400
  4. London Heathrow (EGLL)
    -Operated by a Q400
  5. London Luton (EGGW)
    -Operated by a Q400
  6. London Southend (EGMC)
    -Operated by a Q400
  7. London Stansted (EGSS) - Secondary Hub
    -Operated by a Q400
  8. Manchester (EGCC)
    -Operated by a Q400
  9. Southampton (EGHI)
    -Operated by a Q400

From London Gatwick (EGKK) - International (DJet):

  1. Amsterdam (EHAM)
    -Operated by an A319, A320, B737, B738
  1. Brussels (EBBR)
    -Operated by a A319, A320, B737, B738
  2. Dubai (OMDB) - Future Route
    -Operated by a B77W
  3. Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
    -Operated by a B77W
  4. Las Vegas (KLAS) - Future Route
    -Operated by a B788, B789 or B78J
  5. Los Angeles (KLAX)
    -Operated by a A388 or B748
  6. Madrid (LEMD) - Future Route
    -Operated by a A319, A320, B737, B738
  7. Miami (KMIA)
    -Operated by a A330/B772 (B788, B789 or B78J in future)
  8. New York (KJFK) -
    -Operated by a B77W (B788, B789 or B78J in future)
  9. Paris (LFPG)
    -Operated by an A319, A320, B737, B738
  10. Paris (LFPO)
    -Operated by an A319, A320, B737, B738
  11. Singapore (WSSS)
    -Operated by a B77W
  12. Skiathos (LGSK) - Future Route
    -Operated by an A321/B739
  13. Sydney (YSSY)
    -Operated by an A388 or an B748*
  14. Phuket (VTSP)
    -Operated by a B77W

From London Gatwick (EGKK) - International (DExecutive)

  1. Victorville (KVCV)
    -Operated by BBJ’s and ACJ’s**
  1. Townsville (YBTL)
    -Operated by BBJ’s and ACJ’s***
  2. Area 51 (KXTA)
    -Operated by BBJ’s and ACJ’s****

*Requires a stop in Dubai. DJet isn’t permitted to transport passengers from Dubai to Sydney

**This route is for the partnership with the Lounge Hotel, it must have a stop in KJFK for Refuelling. Is only operational to Regulars, Moderators and Staff on the forum. Anyone under will not be allowed to board.

***This Route must stop in Phuket for a refuelling stop before continuing on to Townsville

****This Route is operated by the USAF Seasonally for workers to holiday in the United Kingdom. All Passengers require specialised checks before entering the aircraft and all pilots must have background checks before flying this route

###Our Ranks

  1. Learner: You are in Training with DTraining, Log 5 hours on one aircraft to move to the next ranking!
  2. First Officer: You can qualify for DProp, Log 10 Hours to move to Junior Captain
  3. Junior Captain: You can fly for DProp and qualify for DJet or DCargo. Log 15 hours to become a Senior Captain.
  4. Captain: You can fly for DProp, DJet or DCargo and qualify for DExecutive (This is the most Elite Rank for “Average Pilots” Log 30 hours, pass a test and you can qualify for DExecutive
  5. Senior Captain: You can fly any type of aircraft for DProp, DJet, DCargo and DExecutive. This is for only serious pilots! (Oh and plus, you must be a Regular or Above)
  6. Instructor: This is a given badge, only serious candidates can get this badge. Fly for anything and train the amateurs at DTraining!

###Skyliner Group




  • Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 - Replacing 767’s
  • Boeing 777-200LR


  • ATR 42 and ATR 72
  • Airbus A330neo - Intended to replace A330’s
  • Airbus A350 - Intended to replace A340’s
  • Boeing 787-10 - Intended to replace 777-200ER’s

Museum of Flight (KBFI):

In an Effort to show “our history” we will be donating older aircraft to an aircraft museum. On display at the museum of flight:

  • 1st DJet 747-200M
  • 1st DJet 757-200
  • 1st DJet 767-300ER


  • Planning a route to Hong Kong (Chek Lap Kok) and also Hong Komg (Kai Tak). Using B788, B789 or B78J’s.


  • DJet is in Parnership with the “IF Lounge Hotel” and will provide destinations (Private of course, mwhahahaha) to the Hotel, located on KVCV.
  • Website being created.
  • Livery design being created.



  • Instructor

###Joining DJet VA

To join PM @B767fan


So come on, it’s time to fly on DJet!



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All the best to your VA and to Skyliner Air as well!


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Official Advertisement for the DJet Virtual Airline has been launched, Check the video below! (Credits to @B767Fan )

For registration, click this link


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