DIY iPhone mount for iPad?

Hey folks. With so many third party apps for IF coming out as of late, I was wondering if someone has come up with a DIY method of mounting your iPhone to your iPad. Such an idea could be so useful during flight, instead of having to switch devices constantly… Anyone tried this yet? Or shall I be the one to design a mount?

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There’s probably a video out on the internet somewhere.

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Interesting idea. Please do design one :)


Found one on Amazon:

Apparently, it’s compatible with any device.


Something like this?

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No, I think he means like on top of the ipad

Found this on amazon

You could put the bit where it connects to your desk on the iPad and then twist it so it goes to one of the sides on the iPad.

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I have a design for this at home and will for sure see if I can build it and share it here when I get back in a few days!


Actually, you might actually be on something here. Form a mount with duck tape and glaze it with clear epoxy so it dries hard 😂

Then when you want to receive a call on your phone you have a giant block hanging by your ear lol xD

I think he means one where you can easily put or remove without too much difficulty.

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You could always use speakerphone.

No phone calls during flight ;)

lol I got the joke. Did you catch my sarcasm in my reply? Haha

This is kind of risky maybe but you could attach a sticky back velcro strip to the bottom of your iPad on the back and another one to the top iPhone on the back. Then connect the two. It will dangle there so someone else will have to come up with a solution to keep ot rigid.

Why not stick something grippy to the back of your iPad and then use a sat-nav suction holder to hold your iPhone in place?

Or maybe use the iPhone for flying and get a case with a stand for your iPad and place it on a table to use as instruments e.t.c

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