Division of Responsibilities Between Approach/Departure and Tower Controllers (Training Server)

I’ve been controlling approach and departure lately, and tower keeps on-guarding aircraft way out. From what I’ve heard, approach controllers will usually hand you over to tower on final, usually 9 nm or so out. While I don’t deny on guarding aircraft tuned to center, I only do so when they’re significantly past the handoff conditions mentioned in the user guide (FL180 or 50 nm). (I’ve seen this mentioned in the community before in some random comment, but I don’t remember where or who, and they didn’t go into detail.)

Anyway, it kinda sucks the fun out of it, and the approach/departure areas I usually control have plenty of traffic for tower controllers to deal with. If I’m vectoring someone, I’ll usually hand them off turning final, or intercepting the LOC. It’s not an issue when people ask for a frequency change early, I can just say “stay on my frequency”, and they’ll listen most of the time. While this is mostly an issue with controllers, it would be nice if pilots would ask to change frequencies when on-guarded.

There is also a practical reason for keeping aircraft on the approach frequency until final— tower ATCs do not have access to certain things like the drag-to-vector tool, and the maintain speed xxx. From my experience, most conflicts occur before final approach, so it makes since to leave aircraft on a frequency where conflicts may be handled better until conflicts are unlikely.

I know many ATCs on the TS are inexperienced, and I don’t expect top-notch ATC, but this seems like a simple idea that could be easily put into practice. Besides, I’m pretty sure the user guide mentions this.


This is Training server As you mentioned! I see you care about user guide and professionalism on ATC performance. So I invite you to join IFATC and enjoy controlling on expert server with us! :)


I would but I’m only 13.

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That stinks…but I agree completely with you about training server, when im flying patterns with my friends on the training server, I get on guarded by center, approach, and departure. It can be quite annoying because they do it so often. I hope to see you on the team soon!

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