Diving under the sea... level - TBM930

I should have traveled to Jordan today. Covid 19 made me stay home… I then decided to fly from Amman to Aqaba and check on the way if the dead sea really is under sea level… It proved to be true, and the autopilot got mad when I reached -50ft, so I had to carry on digging on manual mode to -1050ft (about 300ft AGL)

Expert server this morning - OJAI to OJAQ.


At -1050ft MSL, the dead sea gets black…

It still appears blue from 12000ft!

A question for those who know: would a real autopilot prevent an aircraft to fly below sea level?


Since when is the TBM a submarine? 😂


Since today! 😉

Where is the activate submarine button? 😜

Nice pictures by the way.

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Well, it is the de-activate AP button! I had desengaged ALT and used only HDG and VS. When I reached -40ftMSL, the AP raised the nose and tried to climb very fast, which I found strange.

Hmmm. Looks fun . Nice pictures. Well if a 788 can cross 10 million feet, then the TBM can definitely dive a few thousand :D

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This is something I did when the global came out and it helped me discover nice places where the ground is below sea level. Unfortunately, the data doesn’t allow for that yet from what I understand.

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