Diving off a cliff in IF-IF's coolest glitch

You always see these videos of swimmers jumping from large hills. Well, I found out you can do that in IF (the diver is a plane as you should know) using what I like to call: IF’s coolest glitch

What you need:
Device with Infinite Flight installed on
Cessna 172
SoCal region

To recreate:
1> Go to here:

(I recommend starting at 9L2 or KEDW 18
2> Drop yourself from the cliff at very slow speed
3> Enjoy the world’s biggest dive

This glitch may cause the game to crash

Recommendations and notes

Start in Solo
Be careful, there are many places which the terrain is not mapped and could cause your wheels to go underground.


Wow so cool! I’m gonna try it. I always see the cliff but I’ve never thought of jumping from it.

I tried it lol. Thanks f or the idea! Works great 😝

Hahahaha lol :D

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you can also do this in Denver

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Trying to show off or something huh lol 😂 Fine so you can float

Air Canada Diving Service is now open and operating.


I tried this in Denver last night.

A word of warning, level flight is practically impossible the deeper down you go, at 20 miles down I could still get the AP to play along but something about the negative altitude really plays mind games with it. (physics, duh!)

Maintaining airspeed isn’t an issue, but your ground speed pretty much goes down to nothing as you go down.

At 50 miles down I couldn’t get the plane (CCX) to stop dutch rolling even with flaps, spoilers @ 380 TAS/45 GKT.

The things we do as we wait for global, sigh.

Looks fun xD

How do you get actually through the ground?

You have to glitch through the right area, cockpit view. I tried with an A321 and couldn’t seem to find the right spot, but a CCX or smaller aircraft will breeze right through.

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You can do it in Chicago too!! by KMKE

Another Similar thing that permit you to fall into the Infinite Flight

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This was very painstaking but finally. Done it on LIVE!

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Well this failed

I dont get it. I just hit the water when I fall over the edge, and when I decent into the wall, it just crashes (bith in cocpit view). What am I missing?

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