Hi I’m on my way to KEWR from LLBG on expert but there is not atc there sadly and I would like to be vectored in so is it possible for a 787-10 to one at KDCA I now it will be like a couple extra minutes for me to get there but I would be fine with I just want to now if a plane like the 787-10 is even able to land there what do you think?

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At DCA? That might be tricky, could you divert to IAD instead?

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KDCA should be big enough to handle a 787-10, but I don’t think they fly there usually

but IAD would be a better choice


KDCA cant handle B787-10, the biggest should be A321

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Well thank you guys for the info I only wanted to go to KDCA is because for one I have never been there 2 almost every runway is closed at KEWR except for runway 11 and three it has atc and I at least want to work on my skills like communicating with them I have had please check forum for atc message so yeah and for four I don’t want to divert to somewhere like Boston or New York

Yeah, I was just thinking that the biggest plane I’ve seen there is a 757.

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Well then in that case guess I will try to divert to IAD

What’s your callsign and server?

Mostly because DCA is a regional airport ;)

At least I think so

I am on Expert still over the Atlantic just thinking ahead for the future when I land but my callsign is UAL85 Super

I’ll look for you on LiveFlight to see if I can give you any suggestions

I have about 4 hours and 40 mins left till landing though so I was just thinking ahead because I wanted to have atc but I guess since DCA can’t handle it I will either stay on track to KEWR divert to JFK, BOS or IAD thanks guys for the help

The DCA can handle at max the 787-9. Any bigger and that’s too much.

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If I were you, I would try for Philadelphia, Boston or New York for ATC. If none of those are open when you arrive, feel free to go for DCA. It’s totally up to you, though. These are just suggestions. Happy flying!

Currently, the biggest is the 757-300, coming twice daily from SFO and DEN. DCA has seen the Delta 763, the Boeing House 788, the Vietnam Airlines 789, and the United DC-10.


I think BWI is a good decision, it can handle up the the B748.

This should be me the last link I sent I think was linked to live flight while I was signed in to my google don’t know if that will keep my google signed in through the link but here is the correct one LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight

Yeah, I found you on LiveFlight. :)

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Oh, I got that information from IFATC web.


Just realized that Boston is one of the featured wow I am not the brightest lol