Just wondering, say you are on a 50 mile approach and it is very busy in the airspace. You now want to divert to another airport nearby. How do I tell ATC I want to divert? There’s no option to.



If you want to divert to another airport 50 miles out, chances are you aren’t on ATC yet, just connect to either Unicom or ATC of said airport if you are in range and continue there, and change your flight plan, so ATC doesn’t see you dipping off to a different airport while on approach.

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You could change your flight plan so that the diversion airport is the last waypoint and then request radar vectors to the airport. That’s how I do it when necessary.


When you’re 50 miles out, you’re able to contact approach? Correct?

Oh alright

If airport is near or within the coverage area of the radar controller ask for radar vectors or the best way is edit the fpl to other airport where you want to go and request Flight following to that airport. Flight following request is only possible if you have desired airport set as a destination of tht airport. In a buys airspace avoid asking for ILS/GPS/VISUAL/RV approaches for other airports, controller doesn’t have tht time to manage u to get there where he have almost 40-60 guys on his frequency. Simply change ur destination and ask flight following, continue with fpl unless u get vectors to avoid traffic.


Oh ok, thank you

If you’d like to discontinue approach services you can either request flight following to a different airport or just say flying VFR. Changing your destination and requesting flight following is the preferred method to eliminate confusion.

Damn!! I spent 10min writing but it’s already been said many time above. Should read all comments :(


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